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Learning Center Library Guide

Getting to Know the Oakton Library

Welcome to the Oakton Library guide for tutors.  This can be a toolkit for guiding students to library resources and services. 

Reference Librarians are always glad to work with you and your students to find the right materials for papers, projects, and presentations. 

Oakton Librarians are also ready to help with citations.

Digital Library Cards!

To apply for a digital library card/Owl ID, please fill out and submit our Library Card Request Form

We will send you a digital copy of your library card within 2 business days to you via email. You can show your digital card at the library to get a physical card once we reopen. If you need to have a physical card now, you can request it on the form. It will take up to 2 weeks for the physical card to be mailed to you off campus. 

Oakton Library Website

The Oakton Library website and online materials are available 24/7.

The Library's Website includes:

  • contact information
  • hours
  • workshop schedules
  • links to catalogs
  • databases
  • streaming videos
  • online reference by email or chat

The Library has everything you need to be a successful researcher during your time at Oakton.

Online Help from a Librarian

Research Guides

Research Guides are created by Oakton Librarians to help students find library resources.  Explore these 3 categories of Research Guides to learn more about them. 

1) General topic Research Guides can help with a subject such as Art History or World Mythology.

     Browse the A-Z List of Research Guides.

2) How Do I? Research Guides are created to help library users with practical needs such as How to Access Catalogs and Databases.

     Choose the How Do I? category for help with practical questions about the library or research.

3) Course Research Guides are also created for students in certain classes at Oakton.

     Choose the Course Guides category to see what classes have a research guide.