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Is It Legit? Finding Sources for Your Research

Finding the source for an image

Image Captions - Do They Affect What You See?

This example is taken from Google's "Be Internet Awesome" Digital Safety and Citizenship Curriculum.  Notice how the words under the text can change the whole meaning of the image.  Look at every image carefully.  Decide for yourself! 

Be Internet Awesome. (2019, June 1). In Google. Retrieved from

Find Images at the Oakton Library

Image Example

Embed from Getty Images

Lam, R. (2011, June 15). Riot breaks out after game in Vancouver [Photograph]. Getty Images.  Retrieved from
Here we see a man and woman whom appear to be in a romantic pose during the middle of a riot. However, even pictures are not always what they seem in reali life.  Read this news article to find out more about the context of this photograph and how it came to pass. There is even a short video.

To be sure an Image is LEGIT, pay attention to:

Check your sources.

Is It Legit?

Consider these questions from the University of Washington Tacoma Library

  • What do you see?
  • What is the image about?
  • Can the image be looked at different ways?
  • How effective is the image as a visual message?
  • What information accompanies the image?
  • Does the text change how you see the image? Is the textual information intended to be factual and inform, or is it intended to influence what and how you see?
  • What is the audience for this image? 
  • Where did you find the image?
  • What information does the source provide about the origins of the image? Is the source reliable and trustworthy?
  • Are there copyright or other use restrictions you need to consider? 

Is It The Right Fit?

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