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Is It Legit? Finding Sources for Your Research: Finding Podcasts and Audio Sources

Find Podcasts and Audio at the Oakton Community College Library

The Mind Online Podcast

Finding Your Topic in a Podcast

Find Podcasts using Apps

  • Apple Podcasts - App Store
  • Google Podcasts - Google Play
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher

More sites that host podcasts can be found in the We Edit Podcasts 2019 list of 20 Best Podcast Directories

Find Podcasts and Audio Online - More than just TedTalks!

To be sure a podcast is LEGIT, pay attention to:

Evaluating podcasts – Consider these questions

Who are the presenters? 

Guest speakers –
     What do you know about them? Why were they chosen to appear on the podcast?

Sponsor - What is the site sponsoring the podcast?

Date posted

What is the purpose of the podcast?
    Inform?  Persuade? Entertain?
    What is the point of view of the podcast?  Can you find bias?

Show notes and supporting information
     Transcript of show
      References and links for sources mentioned during the show
      Links to additional articles, websites or experts on the topic?

Is It Legit?

Is It The Right Fit?