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Is It Legit? Finding Sources for Your Research

What is an Infographic?

Rossen, K. (2010 July 10). What is an infographic. Hot Butter Studio. Retrieved from:

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To be sure a chart or infographic is LEGIT, pay attention to:

Check your sources.

Evaluating Infographics and Charts? Consider these questions.

What is the purpose of the Infographic or chart?
   Inform?  Persuade? Educate? Advertise a product? Tell a story? Other?
   Can you find any bias in the data or the presentation of the data?  

Content and Data
    Is the data presented in a clear and organized manner?
    Can you follow the information throughout the infographic?
    Does the data and information support the purpose of the infographic or chart?
    Are there errors in the data, spelling, or grammar?
    Are the sources for the data clearly identified?  Are citations provided for the sources of data? Can you tell if the sources are credible?

   Is the design attractive and engaging?  Is it easy to read?
   Colors - are the colors used well?  Do they distract from the content?  Do colors of background, images and text work well together?
   Are the images, charts, graphs and text clear and easy to read?  Is the size of the text and other information large enough to see clearly? 

Author or Creator?  Site Sponsor?

   Who created the infographic or chart?  A person? A research group? An organization?  A business?  A government agency?
   Is there information about the creator?  Are there credentials or other background information provided?
   Where is the infographic or chart posted?  Who is the sponsor of the site?  Personal? Corporate? Government? Nonprofit? Educational?

   When was the infographic or chart created?
   When was it posted or uploaded?
   Can you identify the dates for the data used in the infographic or chart?  Is the data current? 
   Is historical information or data useful for the purpose of the infographic or chart? 


Is It The Right Fit?