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Is It Legit? Finding Sources for Your Research

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Chasing Ice - Video

"'Chasing Ice' Captures Largest Glacier Calving Ever Filmed." YouTube, uploaded by Exposure Labs, 14 Dec. 2012,

Find Videos Online - More than Just YouTube!

To be sure a Video is LEGIT, pay attention to:

Check your sources!

Evaluating a Video? Consider these questions.

Creator of the video - Is a person, group of people or an organization responsible for the video?
      Are the creators clearly identified?  Can you find names of the director, videographer, writer, musician/composer?
      Can you find credentials or other information about the creator(s)?
      Did the video creator(s) post the video or did someone else upload it?

Purpose - What is the purpose of the video?
    Entertain? Inform? Educate? Persuade? Sales pitch?
    Audience - who is the video's intended audience?  Students? Teachers? People who share a hobby?  Someone planning to buy a product?

Content - Is the information correct and clearly presented?
    Are there credits for the source(s) of the information in the video?
    Are people interviewed clearly identified?
    Is the video complete or is the material a clip from a larger production?
    What point of view (POV) is presented?  Is the POV neutral, balanced or biased?

   When was the video filmed or created?
   When was the video uploaded?

Sponsor and/or host site
   Where can you find this video on the web?  YouTube or other video site?  Government agency? News source (TV, radio or newspaper)? Other?
   Availability - Will this video continue to be available for viewers? 
        Is it intended to be posted for a limited time? 
        Could it be deleted because of the content or message?
Technical details
   Is the video clearly filmed?  How are the images framed? 
   Does the audio work well with the images?  Is the audio an even volume?  
   Is narration/voice over clear and easy to understand?  Are there subtitles or a transcript for narration?
   Do the technical details such as framing, lighting, focus, music, or narration affect how you see or understand the video?
   How long is the video?  Is it long enough to achieve it's purpose?  Is it too long?


Does it Fit?