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LibApps Directions for Library Staff

Support Oakton teaching and learning by making the most of the Library's LibGuides & LibAnswers platforms!

Description & Objectives

The Oakton Library’s Ask a Librarian (LibAnswers) and Research Guides (LibGuides) services are aimed at helping our students, faculty, and staff find and use information resources. These directions address features that were selected on the basis of demonstrated need and potential for swift impact. 

Library staff will develop skills that allow them to contribute both general and subject-specific research information to Ask a Librarian (LibAnswers) and Research Guides (LibGuides).

Library staff will demonstrate the ability to manage the addition and maintenance of content to their LibGuides

You're busy! Why should you take the time to advance your skills?

Librarians are always learning new things! By expanding librarian participation and skills in selected areas of our LibAnswers and LibGuides services, we can ...

  • draw upon our collective knowledge and skills to answer library users' questions in an expanded Ask a Librarian/LibAnswers FAQ,
  • make guides easier to create by reusing guides, pages, boxes, and individual content items, and
  • boost the dependability & credibility of our LibGuides by weeding out broken links with Link Checker.

Required materials

There are no required materials! To carry out the activities for each unit, you do need a LibApps user account with access to both LibAnswers & LibGuides.  All Oakton Librarians have a LibApps account.

If you are having trouble with your login credentials, please contact me with the "Email Me" link in my profile box.

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