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LibApps Directions for Staff: Link Checker

Making the most of Oakton Library's LibGuides & LibAnswers platforms


Identify and repair broken links using the LibGuides Link Checker.

Dismiss repaired links from the Link Checker report

What kind of resources do you need?

To carry out these activities, you need a LibApps user account with access to LibGuides. All Oakton Librarians have this kind of LibApps account.

Description of activities

Navigate the LibGuides command bar; locate and display the Link Checker report.

Edit the broken or unreachable links assets that you own.

Link Checker - A Brief Video Lesson

Length: 8:33. Hit play & watch full screen (recommended) or on YouTube.

Additional resources


What is Link Checker?
The Link Checker tool provides us with a report of broken or unreachable links in LibGuide database assets, link assets, and sometimes book assets (links to catalog records). Although it cannot check links in rich text boxes, it’s an important tool for maintaining up-to-date, effective, and credible LibGuides.

In this Link Checker lesson, we will identify and edit broken links and dismiss repaired or “false positive” links.

How often does it run?
Springshare runs the Link Checker every 30 minutes.

Who can use it?
Although regular account holders can see every link listed in the report, they can only modify links that they own.

Step 1: View the Link Checker report

  • Log into with your LibApps username/password.
  • Select "LibGuides" from the blue drop-down menu in the orange command bar.

Select LibGuides from drop-down menu

  • Select "Link Checker" from the "Tools" drop-down menu.

Select Link Checker from drop-down menu

  • Underneath a block of text (definitely worth reading if you are so inclined), you will find a report listing currently broken/unreachable links. If you are a regular account holder (not an admin), you only have editing rights for the links you own.

Step 2: Dismissing Links

  • Check the "Owner" column.  Your name appears next to the broken links that belong to you.
  • Before taking action, test each of the links that belong to you. (In real life, if your name doesn't appear in the "Owner" column, congratulations!)
  • If a link is performing as you wish (also known as a "false positive"), you can dismiss it from the current report with the trash can icon Dismiss with the trash can icon in the "Actions" column. Please note that this does not delete the link itself.

Dismiss from the current report with the trash can icon

Step 3: Editing broken links

  • Did you find a broken link that belongs to you? This is where you use your everyday librarian sleuthing skills to find the new URL.
  • To edit a link, select the Edit icon Edit iconin the “Asset” column.

Select the Edit icon in the "Asset" column

  • Edit the link and save the changes.

Edit the link and save the changes

  • Use the trash can iconUse the trash can icon to dismiss a link in the “Actions” column (as in Step 2) to dismiss the now modified link from the report.