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Oakton Authors

From Oakton's Catalog


Gazley, J. Lynn, and Michelle E. Naffziger-Hirsch, et al. “Beyond preparation: Identity, Cultural Capital, and Readiness for Graduate School in the Biomedical Sciences.” J. of Research in Science Teaching 51.8 (2014): 1021-1048. Print.


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NICOLSEN, Michael D.

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Bers, Trudy H., and Gwen Nyden
Rubin, Alan, Virginia Gibbons, and Gwen Nyden

O'HARE-LAVIN, Mary Ellen

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O'Hare-Lavin, Mary Ellen, and Thomas Patrick Lavin. "Mythologies in Relationships and Relationship in Mythologies." quadrant 43 (Summer 2013): 71-78. Print.

OFFEN, Beverly

Drick, Beverly

OGG, Harold C.

Ogg, Harold C. Introduction to the Use of Computers in Libraries: A Textbook for the Non-Technical Student. Medford, NJ: Information Today, 1997. Print. (Owned by Oakton)

OLSON, Luanne

Olson, Luanne, Janet Patterson, and William Clark. “Funding an Idea: A Workshop on Writing a Grant Proposal for Allied Health Professionals.” Journal of Allied Health 31.2 (Summer 2002): 107-110. Print. (Owned by Oakton/Library Archives Room)



Bers, Trudy Haffron, and Mary Olson


Oster, Lori. I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie: a Different Sort of Handbook for Readers. Chicago, Illinois : Eckhartz Press, [2014]. Print. (Owned by Oakton)


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