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Oakton Authors



Adele-Marie, Wendy. "Aryan Feminity: Identity in the Third Reich." The Palgrave Handbook of Holocaust Literature and Culture, 725-742.  Victoria Aarons and Phyllis Lassner, editors. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020. (Owned by Oakton)

Baldauf, Greg. My New Kidney & Me : A PKD Patient’s Transplant Story. Saint Paul, Minn., Beaver’s Pond Press, 2020. (Owned by Oakton)

Bush, Gail. Our World is Whole. Illustrated by Jennie Poh. Sleeping Bear Pres, 2020.

Hamed, Safa. Love Life and Press on with Peace : A Palestinian Woman’s Journey to Peace. London, Indeed Publishing, 2020. (Owned by Oakton)


Harpaz, Nathan. "Sample Haggadot and Sedarim." The Annotated Passover Haggadah, edited by Zev Garber and Kenneth Hanson. GCRR Press, 2021, pp. 159-175. (Owned by Oakton).

Woodson, Juleya. I Hope They Understand. Illustrated by Michelle Wang, G Publishing, 2021.